The Doctor Blake Mysteries

Dr Lucien Blake left Ballarat as a young man. But now he finds himself returning, to take over not only his dead father's medical practice, but also his on-call role as the town's police surgeon.

Genre: Drama , Mystery

Actor: Craig McLachlan , Cate Wolfe

Director: George Adams , Tony Wright

Country: Australia

Duration: 57 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - The Doctor Blake Mysteries
"When a wayward girl from the local reform school is found dead in Lake Wendouree, Dr Lucien Blake is immediately suspicious and shocks the police with his unconventional investigative methods."
"On the eve of Anzac Day, Dr Lucien Blake is called to the morgue where the attendant has been murdered. With the autopsy tools and a body missing, Dr Blake smells a rat."
"When a travelling salesman dies in a car accident, police blame alcohol. Dr Blake concludes that the victim was not drunk and died before the crash of very unusual causes."
"A delirious prisoner on death row tells Dr Lucien Blake he is innocent of the police shooting for which he is soon to hang. Dr Blake pulls out all stops to uncover the truth."
"Things get very ugly in Ballarat when the Begonia Festival's head judge is found incinerated in his own glasshouse, all eyes turn to two feuding contestants."
"The death of a migrant factory foreman initially looks like an industrial accident. Dr Blake digs deeper revealing a hideous string of crimes and the ugly side of post war Australia. Meanwhile, Jean receives a marriage proposal."
"In a psychiatric hospital, Nurse Violet is brutally stabbed. An inmate is found over her body holding a bloody knife, but Dr Lucien Blake is unsure he is really the culprit and begins an investigation."
"Doctor Lucien Blake is drawn into the new world of TV when contestants of a successful TV Quiz Show start dying."
"A prospector strikes gold and later that night is found dead at the bottom of his mine shaft after showing off the nugget in the pub. The location of the murder triggers distressing war memories for Doctor Blake."
"The suicide of the local hospital\u2019s first female doctor shocks the community. Dr Blake suspects foul play and sets out to find the murderer amongst the staff and board of the hospital.\n\nMeanwhile, another letter from Singapore arrives for Lucien. It takes him days to work up the courage to open it. His reaction to the news about his missing wife and daughter shocks Jean, Mattie and Danny."
Season 2 - The Doctor Blake Mysteries
"Doctor Lucien Blake returns from a trip to Chine seeking news of his daughter but he arrives back in Ballarat to find himself once again deep in a murder mystery involving the local Town Council."
"Rock N'Roll, a preacher who visits town with a dark past, bodgies, and wedgies - it all adds up to another mystery for Doctor Blake."
"John Doe - a mysterious body found in the local park. Apples, illegal workers, reds under the bed - sounds like 1950s Ballarat and a job for Doctor Blake."
"It was a dark and stormy night in old Ballarat and Cec Drury was about to be shocked at what fell from the sky in front of the Colonists'Club. Looks like another case for Dr Blake."
"Murder at the Cinema and Dr Blake is there to solve it. Was it the manager? An usher? The candy girl? One of the audience? All is revealed as Doctor Blake unravels one mystery to find an even darker one involving young girls of Ballarat."
"Two bodies in the one grave. Will Doctor Blake prescribe something to stop the coffin? Lucien horses around and eventually solves the problem with the plot."
"When a Ballarat school Principal is found dead, Blake and Lawson find themselves back that the school where they first met as boys."
"A mystery from Lucien's past comes back to haunt him as a mysterious room in his house reveals its secrets."
"When the old parish priest is found dead, Doctor Blake needs to unravel the secrets and lies of parishioners in order to get to the truth."
"When members of a wealthy, much respected Ballarat family are discovered brutally murdered in their own home, the town demands justice."
Season 3 - The Doctor Blake Mysteries
"When an elite schoolboy rower wins a regatta on Lake Wendouree then inexplicably drowns, his mother asks Doctor Blake to find the truth behind her son's death."
"When a Ballarat farmer is found dead in a cow pen, locals are quick to blame livestock for trampling the man, but Doctor Blake isn't convinced."
"When Dr Blake investigates the death of a student leader at the Eureka Memorial site, he uncovers quite a few political and family tensions."
"When Doctor Blake investigates the death of a student leader at the Eureka Memorial site, he uncovers quite a few political and family tensions."
"When a famous actress is murdered at a charity event at the Colonist's Club, it really does become a 'Night to Remember' as Blake tries to find the killer with very little to help him. "
"A murder in the hospital leads Blake into a maze of sexual politics and revenge."
"When the local hardware store owner is mysteriously found dead in a hotel room, Dr Blake decides to spend the night in that same room to try and solve the crime."
"While investigating the murder of a local magistrate, Dr Blake realises the answers to this crime are inextricably linked with the death of his mother 40 years earlier. (Season Final)"
Season 4 - The Doctor Blake Mysteries
"Dr Lucien Blake returns home to find Ballarat hosting a very public stopover in a round - Australia motor race - and a very suspicious death."
"Blake helps the new Chief Superintendent investigate the mysterious death of a prominent businessman."
"A kidnapping involving the winners of the first ever state lottery leads Blake into a shady world of greed and envy. While a mysterious person arrives from Blake's past."
"A jockey dies the morning after a big win. But Blake has other worries to deal with - his home life has unexpectedly been thrown into chaos. How will he solve this one? CAST: Craig McLachlan."
"When a solider is killed during a routine training exercise, Doctor Blake finds himself at the Ballarat Military Base facing his old nemesis Major Derek Alderton."
"When a reporter's body is discovered on the 18th hole at the local golf course, Blake is called in to investigate."
"A man falls from the Ballarat Fire Station bell tower. What appears to be a suicide turns into a murder investigation taking Blake deep into the heart of the Regional Fire Association."
"When Blake's old friend turned enemy Derek Alderton is found dead, the hunt for the killer turns back onto Blake himself."
Season 5 - The Doctor Blake Mysteries
"An exhibition boxing match turns sour when one of the boxers is seemingly beaten to death in front of hundreds of witnesses. Blake must determine the cause of death."
"The murder of a beautiful gypsy woman takes Blake inside the intriguing and exotic world of Romani travellers passing through Ballarat."
"When a French Chef is found murdered in the freezer of a restaurant, suspicion soon turns to Bill Hobart. Can Blake clear Hobart's name, or is the Senior Sergeant guilty of brutally murdering a man."
"When a controversial writer is found dead & her sister is found unconscious from a suspected suicide, Blake has to search out some truths about Ballarat in order to understand how & why the woman died."
"When Blake is called to investigate the murder of a retired carpenter, his only real suspect is discovered praying over the body and covered in blood."
"When the daughter of the school principal dies at her Debutante Ball, Blake does his best to investigate - despite being housebound."
"As Blake investigates the murder of a farmer and a mysterious case of arson, an unlikely party suddenly throws his future with Jean into chaos."
"The death of a policeman coincides with the reappearance of an old enemy, as the past and the present begin to finally catch up with Blake."